If you have any questions, please take a look at our FAQ’s below, hopefully you will find the answer you are looking for. If your question is not answered below please feel free to contact us.

Yes. Our optician comes in to us to do eye tests 2 or 3 days a week. We do understand that unfortunately the days we do eye tests don’t suit everybody, and also that during our busier times we can be fully booked for eye tests 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Due to this, we are more than happy to accept prescriptions that you have done at other opticians.

No. We love our glasses and we love our customers wearing our glasses. We also believe that if you find the right pair of glasses for you, you will love wearing our glasses too. Customers also tell us how great it feels when they are stopped in the street to be complimented on their new frames, and customers wearing our fantastic frames is the best advertising we can do. So why would we want to send you out in contact lenses?

Yes, we do. However, we do not provide any frames for children that are covered completely on a NHS voucher. We believe childrens eyewear is just as important as adults and we shouldn’t look to be providing frames for the lowest possible price.

The childrens eyewear that we stock has all the same qualities and design ethics as our adult ranges, just made a little smaller. We believe that you shouldn’t have sides falling off or screws coming out, quality and passion should be put into every product. Our childrens frames start at £75. The childrens lens price is the same as the adults price. We do accept NHS vouchers towards the cost of childrens glasses.

No. Quite a few customers ask us if we only make bespoke frames and have nothing ‘off the shelf’ to choose from. The truth is the eyewear we provide is made by eyewear designers that we hand pick. We regularly travel to eyewear trade shows across Europe such as Paris, Milan, Munich and beyond to source interesting, high quality, well-designed independent eyewear. We work with the most respected and admired eyewear designers in the world – typically small, independent eyewear manufacturers who produce frames that are considered the best of the best. If you’re looking for eyewear that is different, eyewear that is individual and eyewear that is higher quality than what you see in the chains and high street opticians, then you’ll love what we have in stock. Many of the brands we work with are exclusive and only available in a handful of opticians in the UK. So with The Spectacle Shop, you really get to see frames that are different from what’s on offer in most places.

We also have an excellent selection of frames in terms of different styles and designs but also in terms of sizes. We know that faces come in all shapes and sizes so we specialise in giving our customers plenty of choice when it comes to size and shape. There’s nothing worse that having a wide head width or a wide bridge of your nose and being squeezed into a frame that simply doesn’t fit you as we see in so many cases. We also see a lot of women with petit faces who were previously told to choose from the children’s section in their last opticians. This is not great at all! We don’t do one size fits all – because one size does not fit all! We’ll be able to show you plenty of frames that actually fit you and suit you from our stock.

The real answer is it depends on the frame you choose and what your lens requirements are. I’ll give you a brief idea of what to expect though.

The good news is there are plenty of options available and every day we help customers who have previously been to opticians like Vision Express and Boots. They only end up spending just slightly more than they did at the chain stores, and for that they get something that they really like here and that ticks all their boxes.

We specialise in niche eyewear. That means our frames are fantastic quality, handmade, and different from the usual main stream brands you see everywhere else. So they do cost more than the normal “designer” brand names that are mass produced and available everywhere you go to everybody.

That said, our niche frames start at around £250, the most common price point of our collections is around £350 and for more exclusive and luxury pieces there are plenty of choices at the higher end of the spectrum! But if you have a budget in mind of £280 for your frame, we’ll be able to show you plenty of options. We also have some frames with a lower price point starting around £150.

The lenses we work with are also the highest quality available. This means that our customers benefit from the best possible vision and the best guarantees. However, our dispensing consultants will chat with you and find out exactly what your needs are. We can then make recommendations and give you several options based on your preferences and your prescription. Lens technology continues to keep advancing and improving. It’s just a case of deciding what’s best for you in terms of the quality of lens that you want versus how much you want to spend on your eyewear.

If you wear distance vision or near vision glasses our premium lenses start at £115 and go up to £335. There are basic single vision lenses available from £75. The £115 lens suits most people.

If you wear varifocals you can expect to spend between £285 and £645 for our premium lenses depending on your prescription requirements. Our basic varifocals start from £185 including lens coatings. Most people spend around £300 on their varifocal lenses.

Some other information that could be helpful in your search for new glasses is the average amount a new customer spends when they come to us for the first time. Some will spend less, some will spend more, but this is the average.

The average amount a new client with single vision glasses spends at The Spectacle Shop is £375 total.

And for customers that need varifocals the average they spend is £570 total.

For a lot of people this is more than what have spent in other opticians on their previous glasses. However, they feel they are getting a lot more for their money with us. Read our Google and Facebook reviews and you’ll find plenty of new customers who say they spent more but it was absolutely worth it for them because they now love their glasses far more than before.
Before coming to us, many of our clients had been disappointed with their glasses in the past .They would rather invest a bit more to get something that they actually feel good in and receive compliments while wearing. Bear in mind, most people will likely wear their glasses all day every day for 2 or 3 years or longer.

So, I hope that’s helpful and answered some questions you had. If you’re still not sure and need to consider it, I’d encourage you to come in for a free consultation. You can get a feel for us as people, exactly what sort of frames we stock and the lens options available to you with no obligation. Even if you decide that we are not the right place for you, you’ll get good practical advice that will help you wherever you finally choose to get your glasses from.
We’ll always consult with you and give you several frame and lens options to suit different styles and budgets. We’ll also give you guidance as to what will work best for you.