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Around 1000 frames in stock from independent eyewear stylists.

We stock an extensive range of frames in a vast array of colours and styles, made from a range of materials. We source our frames from all around the world, ensuring our customers receive the most unique and high-quality products.

Below is an insight into the collections we stock.

Brands we stock


Theo began in 1989 when two opticians grew tired of the mainstream, generic and boring glasses that they were offering their customers. Together, they launched Theo with the idea of designing and producing eyewear that would turn heads and leave lasting impressions. Theo use an artistic approach, daring designs and very bright colours, and are designed for lovers of exclusivity and originality.

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Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin is a brand born from the wild dreams of two opticians from Toulouse, France, and driven by the lack of graphic and original frames for their friends, they decided to create what they couldn’t find! Design plays a central role in the Anne et Valentin creation studio and their designers cultivate a permanent thinking process to redefine the roles of opticians and creators.

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Lindberg eyewear is the epitome of quality, comfort, and innovation. Every piece is designed and made in Denmark. Lindberg’s highly specialised team are committed to developing cutting-edge techniques. Each ultra-lightweight frame is constructed without the use of screws or rivets. Lindberg have gained more than one hundred internationally recognised awards to date.

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SALT. is an eyewear collection inspired by nature’s effortless beauty. Based in coastal California, SALT. is an independent collection committed to timeless design and quality, constructed using only the best-in-class materials available. Using Japanese craftsmanship, SALT. are designed to fit comfortably and last generations.

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You Mawo

You Mawo stands for “Your Magic World”. You Mawo embarked on a passionate journey to develop a solution that allows individually optimised frames. Each frame is 3D printed and designed to create the perfect fitting, bespoke frame. Each pair of spectacles is individually manufactured in Germany with the latest technology and selective laser sintering, producing 3x less emissions than typical frame manufacture.

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Kuboraum was founded in Berlin in 2012 and refers to its eyewear as ‘masks’. Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of those who wear them, masks that highlight personality and emphasise character. Kuboraum are like cubic rooms where we shelter ourselves, where we are free to live in our intimacy, where we live all of our identities and see the world through two lenses. Each mask is dreamed in Berlin and handmade in Italy.

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Francis Klein

Francis Klein is a family-run business, designing and manufacturing designer frames for eyeglasses. A decision was made to craft in France rather than to mass produce; thanks to this choice, the Francis Klein team ensure all frames are carefully designed and then adorned with beautiful elements such as hand engraving, laser drawing, rhinestone, 3D element or haute couture jewellery placement. A true fashion accessory, aligning to their core values of “craftmanship, elegance and creativity”.

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Rapp Optical was originally established in 1983 as high-end retail optical dispensary in Toronto Canada, but quickly turned to frame design and manufacturing, with the brand creation of Rapp Eyewear. In 2001 a separate fabrication facility in Toronto was created, where today Rapp Eyewear closely monitors the in-house design and production of all frames. Rapp Eyewear designs and manufactures limited collections of bespoke hand-finished eyeglasses.

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In 1964, Joël Lesca created his first collection in a small workshop in the Secrétan quarter of Paris. Over the years, a strong customer base of independent opticians and specialised outlets has been built around the world.

Today, his sons, Mathieu and Bertrand, have revived the past Lesca collections by respecting the history of the brand whilst remaining creative and modern, still handcrafting each individual frame.

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Handcrafted in Italy with love, Res/Rei take a historic approach to eyewear manufacture. Res/Rei’s passion for colour is inspired by many things, from furniture to photography, from architecture to movies. Every piece is handcrafted from Mazzucchelli acetate and enriched with detail.

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